Manny puffs smoke on the balcony of the Calavera Café.

Year Two is the second act of Grim Fandango's four-part story arc. It opens exactly a year after the events of Year One, again on the Day of the Dead.

Story PlotEdit

Since Manny Calavera's arrival in Year One, the port town of Rubacava has grown, and Manny has become the owner of the renamed Calavera Café, a successful bar, nightclub and casino. When the act opens, Meche Colomar, whom Manny had been waiting for, has arrived at Rubacava, and Manny watches her leave on the SS Lambada with his former coworker and rival Domino Hurley. Upon learning from Velasco that the ship was heading for Puerto Zapato, Manny resolves to go after her on the old SS Limbo, which was also to leave that night. To do this, he must steal a suitcase full of Double N Tickets for Chowchilla Charlie to obtain a membership card to the Sea-Bee Union, get tools for Glottis from the Sea-Bees by jailing and then freeing Terry, and fake the sprouting of crewman Naranja so he can take his place. After his café is shut down by a bitter Chief Bogen, Manny and Glottis escape on the SS Limbo, and the act ends with Manny mopping the deck of the ship as it sails out of Rubacava's harbor.


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