Captain Manny Calavera on the deck of the S.S. Lola.

Year Three is the third act of Grim Fandango's four-part story arc. It once again occurs on the Day of the Dead, a year after Year Two (and two after Year One).

Story PlotEdit

A year after the departure of the SS Limbo, it arrives at its port in Puerto Zapato, renamed the SS Lola and captained by Manny Calavera. No sooner have they arrived, however, than the crew is sprouted by men working for Hector LeMans, and Manny and Glottis, the only survivors, are forced to flee in what remains of the ship. They sink near the Pearl, where Meche is said to have jumped overboard during her voyage. On the seafloor, Manny and Glottis walk to the Pearl with the help of a strange fellow named Chepito, but they are taken by an octopus to the Edge of the World, where they discover Domino Hurley is running a coral-mining facility and is keeping Meche captive there. Moments after reuniting with Meche, Manny is captured by Domino as well and is forced to work for him. Domino sends Glottis falling off the Edge, but he survives and manages to revive the SS Lamancha. Manny and Meche covertly escape from the facility on the Lamancha, along with Glottis, Chepito, and the captive coral miners, but are confronted by Domino, who follows them on his personal submarine. Manny and Domino face off on the submarine, but Domino is crushed to powder by the Lamancha's grinders, and Manny is lifted to safety.


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