The entrance to the Ninth Underworld, the final resting place.

Year Four is the fourth and final part of the four-part story arc of Grim Fandango. As with all preceding parts, it opens on the Day of the Dead— exactly three years after Year One (two after Year Two and one after Year Three).

Story PlotEdit

After travelling for a year over sea and land, Manny, Glottis, Meche, and the rest of the escapees arrive at the great temple at the gate to the Ninth Underworld (the station of the Number Nine). They are greeted by the mysterious Gate Keeper, who informs them that they cannot enter the Ninth Underworld because their Double-N tickets are missing. Glottis, meanwhile, has fallen deathly ill after going for a year without driving. Manny assists a group of small mechanic demons to construct a rocket-powered carriage, the speed of which will revive Glottis. Manny and Meche accompany Glottis in the carriage back to Rubacava, where they find the Bone Wagon, still in its shed but trapped with explosives by Domino Hurley some time before. They manage to free the vehicle and travel with Olivia Ofrenda back to El Marrow, which has been taken over by Hector LeMans and is now the neon-lit gambling-centered Nuevo Marrow. The Lost Souls Alliance, which has expanded greatly over the years, takes them to their headquarters in Nuevo Marrow's sewers. Manny disguises himself with stage makeup and Chowchilla Charlie's suit, gets a loaded Sproutella gun with the help of Bowlsley the florist, and invades Hector's headquarters. Hector LeMans, not recognizing Manny but impressed with his salesman skill, takes Manny to the old Department of Death building and offers him a job. Manny reveals himself and turns his gun on Hector, but Hector escapes out the window. Soon after at Nuevo Marrow's train station, Manny gets into Olivia's car, but she reveals herself as Hector's girlfriend and a traitor, and drives Manny to the meadow to be sprouted. Manny, however, saves himself, and with the help of Salvador Limones, who sacrifices himself for the cause, sprouts Hector in his greenhouse. The game ends with Manny and Meche, both reunited with their tickets, departing on the Number Nine at last, after saying goodbye to Glottis at the station.


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