Velasco after rescuing Manny
Name Velasco
Gender Male
Location Rubacava, Docks
Occupation Dockmaster
Year(s) 1,2, 4
Voice Actor Kay E. Kuter
Last Seen In search of SS Lamancha

Velasco is the dockmaster in Rubacava.


When he was alive he had lost his eye and now, while he doesn't need an eyepatch, he says it reminds people of the phantom pain. Once he owned SS Lamancha which he lost at the Edge of the World. He then became the dockmaster of Rubacava and also maintains the Lighthouse.

He claims to have a problem with names but is good at recognizing faces. He once saw Celso Flores's wife leaving in a cabin for two with another man.

Nick Viragoo had a key to the Lighthouse, possibly stolen from Velasco.

Year 1Edit

Velasco first meets Manuel Calavera after he fell off a cliff and had to save him from the the Sea of Lament. He took a shine to Glottis and the Bone Wagon and offered to keep it safe in a small ware-house on the dock. He gave to Manny a logbook of the ship on which Mrs. Flores left with another man, to show to Celso.

Year 2Edit

On the Day of the Dead, a year later, Velasco saved Manny from the sea again when he tried to board the SS Lambada and failed. He told him that the Lambada was going to the End of the World and the next ship would be the SS Limbo, a small-cargo ship. Manny wished to go there, even as a worker; Velasco said that crew was full, but offered Glottis a job as a mechanic in the engine room of the Limbo; and hinted that he would join the crew with a Union card of dubious authenticity since nobody checked closely.

However Manny was able to get his own Union card from Chowchilla Charlie, and the tools and when cook Naranja was mysteriously 'sprouted' Manny was given the job on the Limbo.

Year 4Edit

Two years passed before Manny returned to Rubacava; Velasco had grown tired of the way Rubacava had become a mob-town and when he met Calavera again, he told him that they had sailed back on the SS Lamancha; Velasco had once loved the ship and went off to find it again in Puerto Zapato- whether he was able to or not remains a mystery.


While Toto Santos calls Velasco and is talking to him, Manny can visit the dock anytime, but Velasco is not seen talking to the phone.