Toto Santos
Name Toto Santos
Gender Male
Occupation Tattoo artist
Year(s) 2, 4
Voice Actor
Last Seen

Toto Santos runs the tattoo parlour in the Scrimshaw on the side of town in Rubacava. Hs tongue s as sharp as his needle.

He has a book with different tattoo designs, which he carves in the arms of sailors that come by the docks. As all tattoo artists, he is also covered in them. Toto makes use of liquid nitrogen, which freezes bones and acts as a painkiller, and is supplied from the Morgue. Santos was a father figure to Lola, and protected her.

Toto sometimes utters phrases in Hungarian.

Role in Year 2Edit

Toto is working on Naranja, however Manny Calavera manages to make the sailor fall in sleep, and later considered sprouted. Naranja is put on Toto's bed, and later Toto makes a phonecall to Velasco. He tells Manny about the use of liquid nitrogen, which has run out.

Lola presumably hid the photo of Sanspoof in the Santos' album with the design 'The Rusty Anchor' for Manny to find.

Role in Year 4Edit

Toto is seen sleeping in his house, when Manny returns to Rubacava, allowing him to steals the nitrogen, which proves useful to his later exploits.


In Spanish, Todos Santos refers to All Saints, a reference to the Day of the Dead.