The Blue Casket
Blue casket
The front of the Blue Casket
Name The Blue Casket
Year(s) Two, Four


The Blue Casket is a night club in Rubacava owned by Olivia Ofrenda, a beat poet. Many of the patrons are beatniks too, believing strongly in the need for revolution as demonstrated when Manny reveals to them he knows Salvador Limones. Lola worked there as a photographer.

The bar serves a drink it calls coffin shooters, which have caused patrons to pass out. The secret ingredient is revealed by the waiter to be dirty hookah water, which Manny claims Olivia stole from him. There is also an open mic where souls can share their poetry. In-game, Olivia and Manny are seen to recite poetry and both get very different receptions from the crowd.

When Manny returns to Rubacava in Year Four, the club is empty, as most other places are, save for Olivia herself. It is where she and Manny reunite, as well as where Manny can fill Velasco's ship in a bottle with blue fluid.