Terry protesting at the docks
Name Terry
Gender Male
Location Rubacava, The Docks
Occupation Sea-Bee
Year(s) 2
Voice Actor Raphael Sbarge
Last Seen Rioting on the docks

Role in GameEdit

Terry is a Sea-Bee. He tried to organize the Sea-Bees in a strike but could not find the proper arguments to express their positions, until Manny Calavera brought him a revolutionary book about workers' rights.

Terry was able to incite a riot on the docks, and the bees rebelled against the corrupt Maritime Union. However, he was arrested by Police Chief Bogen and put in jail. Then he was released when Manny was able to blackmail and get lawyer Nick Virago to argue his case for him. Terry continued to riot down on the docks and Glottis was free to get the bees tools to board SS Limbo.

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