Two Sea-Bees at the rubacava docks
Name Sea-Bee
Location Rubacava


Sea-Bees are creatures of the Land of the Dead. They look like man-sized humanoid and insectoid creatures. With the use of their wings they can fly. The name suggest also a relationship with the sea; many work in the Dock of Rubacava.

Role in gameEdit

The Sea-Bees of Rubacava had serious complaints about the circumstances of work and how they were treated. Although they are members of the Maritime Union, the union is corrupt and does not look after their interests at all. Manny Calavera helped their leader, Terry Malloy, to oganize their protests and define their demands. By Year 4, however, they have disappeared.


When Terry organizes the Sea-Bees to go on strike, the background music is an instrumental version of The Internationale, a prominent anthem of socialism and workers' movements.