"Oh, Lola. Looks like I let you down again."
—Manny Calavera, looking at the wrecked SS Lola on the seafloor.

The SS Lola is a ship that is captained by Manuel "Manny" Calavera as he sails it across the Sea of Lament on a course for Puerto Zapato to look for Meche. It is first seen in Year Two as a small, humble ship by the name of SS Limbo. In order to convince dockmaster Velasco to allow Manny a spot on it, Manny has to obtain tools for Glottis and fake the sprouting of the ship's cook, Naranja.

Though Manny starts out in Naranja's place, mopping the deck of the ship, by the start of Year Three he has risen to the rank of captain and renamed the ship after his friend Lola, who was sprouted at the hands of Nick Virago during Year Two. In addition, with Glottis as the engineer, the SS Lola has gained many mechanical enhancements and a slick new paint job. Upon landing at Puerto Zapato, however, the ship is boarded by Hector LeMans's henchmen, who sprout the entire crew save for Manny and Glottis and rig the ship with explosives. The SS Lola is torn in half by its own anchor to allow its captain and engineer to escape, and finally sinks to the bottom of the Sea of Lament along with Manny and Glottis. The ship's final resting place is near the site of the Pearl.