Raoul working
Name Raoul
Gender Male
Location Rubacava, High Roller's Lounge
Occupation Waiter
Year(s) 2
Voice Actor Tom Kane
Last Seen High Roller's Lounge

Raoul is a French-speaking soul working as Maximino's waiter in the High Rollers Lounge. It is said that when Glottis entered the club, his claustrophobia was awakened.

Role in gameEdit

He is first seen at the elevator, shooing Manny Calavera when he has not a members card. He also appears whenever Manny enters the kitchen and turns on the keg.

On the Day of the Dead, Manny locked him in the pantry in order to hide into the barrel, where Raoul suffered for some minutes because of claustrophobia, and knocked himself out when a can fell on his head. He was later released by Glottis who was going on a drunken rampage that night.