Petrified Forest
Manny, shortly after emerging from the tunnel
Name Petrified Forest
Year(s) 1 and 4 (cutscene)

The Petrified Forest is a vast wooded area of bone on the outskirts of El Marrow. The marrow from the petrified trees is used as a basic building material throughout the Land of the Dead. It is one of the first perils of the Land of the Dead that souls must journey through if they have not qualified for any travel package, and it is inhabited by many dangerous beasts and other hazards. Travelers must pass through the Petrified Forest before they can arrive at Rubacava.

Role in GameEdit

Manny Calavera and Salvador Limones arrive at the forest through a hidden LSA tunnel. Manny finds Glottis here, distraught after being fired from the Department of Death. Manny and Glottis explore the forest with the help of the Bone Wagon and find their way out to Rubacava.

Although not seen in the game, Celso Flores had to cross through the forest on foot, aided only by his Excelsior walking stick, which he used to fight off the creatures of the forest. Meche Colomar was also lost in the Petrified Forest for an entire year which she doesn't like to speak of.

Known AreasEdit


The edge of the forest is where the hidden tunnel ends and where Manny and Sal arrive. It is the only part of the forest from which the outside can be seen; the city of El Marrow is visible in the distance.

Central AreaEdit

This is a wide clearing that branches off in five directions. It is where Manny reunites with Glottis and the Bone Wagon.

Spider NestEdit

Miserable after losing his job, Glottis flings his heart into a nest of demon spiders. A pile of bones lies next to the web; Manny uses one of these along with his scythe to free the heart from the web.

Tree PumpEdit

An elaborate pump machine operates in the forest, attached to a petrified tree, pumping out its marrow to a storage tank. A rotating wheel operates to keep the tree balanced. Manny and Glottis dismantle part of the machine and use the parts as shocks to modify the Bone Wagon.


A large, empty space in the forest is lined with interconnecting natural tunnels. Manny places a magnetic sign in the center of the area to open up a secret road to the key area.

Key AreaEdit

In this hidden part of the forest hangs a key to unlock the blockade to the Fire Beaver swamp, accompanied by a warning sign.

Fire Beaver SwampEdit

Behind a blockade is a tar swamp in which dangerous Fire Beavers live on a nest of skulls. Manny uses his fire extinguisher to put out the beavers' flames and cause them to sink in the swamp. Once the blockade is down and the beavers vanquished, the Manny and Glottis drive through the nest in the Bone Wagon. The way out of the forest and to Rubacava lies on the other side.