Olivia I was a giant airship created by Maximino to impress Olivia Ofrenda. On this one's maiden voyage a huge banner was displayed over the air tank with the message "Marry me Olivia!" as depicted by the picture Toto Santos gave Manny Calavera. On its maiden voyage it flew over Feline Meadows at the start of the cat racing season only to crash onto the racetrack and burn, killing Olivia favourite cat, Sanspoof. Olivia broke up with Max for a while (even though she was never in love with him).

In Year 2 Max built another blimp, Olivia II.


The photograph with Max's proposal seemingly causes a conflict in the timeline; in the game Max tells Manny that the two of them "are officially an item" as if it's new information during Year 2. However the photograph suggests that the two already had an official affair.