Nick Virago
Nick virago
Nick on board the No. 9 train.
Name Nick Virago
Gender Male
Location Rubacava, High Rollers Lounge
Occupation Lawyer
Year(s) Two, Four (cutscene)
Voice Actor Daragh O'Malley
Last Seen Plunging into Hell

Nick Virago is a character that Manny Calavera interacts with in Grim Fandango.


Nick Virago is Maximino's exclusive lawyer in Year Two, although he is having an affair with Max's girlfriend Olivia Ofrenda. When Lola snaps a photograph of the two, Nick quickly tracks and sprouts her, although Manny Calavera uncovers Lola's elaborate clues and discovers the photograph to blackmail Nick into freeing Terry Malloy from jail. Nick has a cool, collected demeanor, and openly insults Manny in several occasions.

He is seen again in an early cutscene in Year Four. He is briefly visible on board the Number Nine train, which he likely boarded by ill-gotten means; possibly from Hector LeMans, and expects to arrive at the Ninth Underworld. What he doesn't know however is that the Gate Keeper and the train itself are not fooled by such tactics. The Number Nine transforms into a demon train that takes Nick to his proper destination: plunging him as he screams straight down into the depths of Hell.