Mercedes Colomar
Meche at the Edge of the World
Name Mercedes Colomar
Gender Female
Location Ninth Underworld
Occupation Volunteer, Secretary
Year(s) 1,2,3 and 4
Voice Actor Maria Canals-Barrera
Last Seen Entering the ninth underworld in the Number Nine

Mecedes "Meche" Colomar is a kind soul in the Land of the Dead and the love interest of Manny Calavera. She died in the hospital of chicken pox.


Meche is portrayed as extremely kind. In life, she was a volunteer who read stories to dying children and when questioned, she could not recall a single bad deed she had done in her life. 

She is also shown to have a very sharp wit often coming up with clever one-liners and somewhat sarcastic remarks. 

In year three she had a darker more cynical personality, likely due to her betrayal and imprisonment, not to mention a bit more violent as she claims to have punched Domino and she slapped Manny when he joked about her having an affair with Domino. 


Her soul was reaped by Manny who intercepted her details from Domino. When taken to the Land of the Dead, it was found that she did not qualify for a ticket on the Number Nine, regardless of how kind she was in life. Not wishing to cause trouble for Manny, she left El Marrow on foot. On finding he had travelled from El Marrow to Rubacava before her, Manny found a job in the town, hoping to find her as she left the Petrified Forest.

Throughout his first year in Rubacava, Manny clearly talks about Meche a lot as many of the town's residents talk to him about her. A year to the date from their first meeting, Meche boarded a ship to cross the great ocean with Domino. When Manny tried to follow them, Meche struck his head with a champagne bottle to stop him.

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