The meadow, with Olivia's car in the foreground
Name Meadow
Year(s) Four

The meadow is the final area in Grim Fandango. Seen only at night, it is a sloping hill covered with the flowers of souls Hector LeMans has sprouted. At the top of the hill is Hector's greenhouse, which Manny Calavera is forced to enter by Olivia Ofrenda after she reveals herself as Hector's girlfriend. Inside the greenhouse, Hector shoots Manny, who stumbles outside and is able to save himself by using liquid nitrogen. In addition to the black car Olivia drives in with, the meadow contains an irrigation system that Hector uses to water his flowers— Manny shoots this with Sproutella, which affects Hector inside the greenhouse.

The sprouted bodies of Olivia Ofrenda and Salvador Limones end up in this meadow as well.