Manny's Office
Manny's office 1
Manny in his office.
Name Manny's Office
Year(s) One, Four (cutscene)

Manny's office in the Department of Death is the room in which the player starts out in Grim Fandango, in which a few things must be done to solve puzzles during Year One.


The room contrasts with other offices in the building; it is small, poorly lit, and not overly decorated. Manny mentions a few times that Domino Hurley's office used to be his, and that his current one used to be a storage closet. Manny's desk, computer and message tube are at the far end, with his file cabinets to the left, and several tables and chairs at the front of the room. In the "premium clients" locker, Manny keeps his cloak, and foot extensions. On the table at the front is a deck of playing cards, used later in the game.

In a cutscene near the end of Year Four, Hector LeMans, who has taken over El Marrow, takes Manny, who is in disguise, to this very office, offering him a new job (which is in fact his old job from three years ago). It is here that Manny reveals himself and pulls a Sproutella gun on Hector, who escapes through the window.