Lost Souls' Alliance
The headquaters in year 1
Name Lost Souls' Alliance
Year(s) 1 and 4

The Lost Souls' Alliance is an underground movement lead by the former Department of Death reaper Salvador Limones and is located directly below the Department of Death.


The Alliance's headquaters, as seen in year one, is very small. It is discovered by Manny after he proves his common shared hatred off the DoD to Sal in Glottis's Shack.

Role in GameEdit

It was founded when "Sal" found out that the Department of Death runs a crooked game, intending to prove and overthrow it so that souls can once again get the travel packages they deserve.

The Lost Souls' Alliance begun with only recruits as Sal and Eva and then Manny Calavera; at first the two tried to hack into the Department of Death's computer system to uncover more of the truth, and they manage to do so with the help of Manny's teeth, who also helped them employ messenger pigeons as it's mode of communication. It also provided a tunnel to the Petrified Forest for anyone who wants to escape, Manny uses this tunnel early on in the game.

By Year 4 it had grown immensely, with a much larger headquarters and dozens of soldiers fighting against Hector LeMans.