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Brennis complaining to Manny.


One, Four

Juan Brennis is a minor character in Grim Fandango.


In Year One, Brennis is a disgruntled employee working at the Department of Death. Like Glottis, he is a demon drawn from the earth for one purpose: to be an elevator operator. Unfortunately, the DoD recently installed motion detectors, forcing him to work as a mechanic for the message tube system. When Manny Calavera first encounters him, he complains about the salesmen pushing their beer bottles down their message tubes. When he returns to El Marrow in Year Four, he finds Brennis again working as an elevator operator in Hector LeMans's casino. Manny must have a proper costume and answer a question about Hector in order to get past him and access the elevator.


  • Brennis's name is never given in-game, though it is revealed in Tim Schafer's Grim Fandango puzzle document.
  • He is referred to as "Tube-Switcher Guy" in the Remastered version's dialogue transcript.

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