High Rollers Lounge
High rollers 1
The main area, with Nick Virago in the foreground.






Raoul, Aitor

The High Rollers Lounge is a location in Grim Fandango.


The High Rollers Lounge is Maximino's exclusive cat racing club, open only to Rubacava's elite. There are two main areas, one which is the main table area and leads to Maximino's Office, and the other leads to the kitchen. Beside the elevator is the stairway that leads to an area where Glottis resides.

The kitchen area holds the wine casket and many cans of cat meat, as well as the pantry. The elevator leads down to the wine celler, where there is a secret area for the briefcase full of Number Nine train tickets.

The main employees are Raoul, the snooty French waiter, and a disgruntled wine cask demon named Aitor.


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