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Hector LeMans
Hector in his greenhouse
Name Hector LeMans
Gender Male
Location El Marrow
Occupation Crime Lord
Year(s) 1 (cutscene) and 4
Voice Actor Jim Ward
Last Seen Sprouted, in his greenhouse

Hector LeMans, Crime Lord of El Marrow is the game's primary antagonist and the head of the counterfit Number Nine ticket scam.


Hector LeMans was not a 'good boy' in his life and had a lot time to pay in the Land of the Dead. He decided to begin an evil web of corruption surrounding the Department of Death and the plan to deprive the souls who pass through of their Number Nine tickets. The tickets are sold to rich people who don't want to wait for their 4 year journey, even if they don't deserve them. The reason for Hector's plan was to make the Land of the Dead 'livable'. Hector, Don and Domino all realised that they wouldn't get into the Ninth Underworld because they didn't live good enough lives, and a double-N ticket wouldn't change that, this can be seen with Nick Virago in Year 4.

By Year 1 he worked closely with the Department of Death and Domino Hurley. When Don Copal, the "boss" of DOD proved his incompetence by not watching Manny Calavera, he shot him.

By Year 4 Hector's plans have begun to pay off. He has taken over the whole of El Marrow, and has undoubtedly become the most powerful figure in the town.

On the wall of the L.S.A. Headquarters is an audio recording of a conversation between him and Hector, in which Bowlsley informs Hector that he has been working on some flower arrangements for him. Exasperated and enraged, Hector screams at Bowlsley: "You are not a florist! You are a manufacturer of weapons!"

Manny Calavera managed to reach him in his office, while trying to sell tickets to Celso Flores and his wife. Impressed by the stranger's selling abilities, he decided to recruit him in his DOD offices. Ironically, he led him in his very former office.

Sproutella darts

Manny sprouts Hector by firing Sproutella darts in his water supply.

While explaining to him his share in the job, Manny revealed himself and threatened him with a sprout gun. Then his crow flew into the office which Manny shot but was enough to divert his attention: Hector had fled through the window and holding the briefcase of the tickets, he jumped to an adjacent roof, although he fell down the street.

When Manny is shot at the Greenhouse by Hector. Bowlsley ran off with Hector's supply of fast-acting sproutella, and thus Manny is shot with a slower acting bullet. Hector views this as a positive, however, telling Manny this just means he will "writhe around in excruciating pain for about an hour" because of it. However, this gives Manny enough time to freeze his sproutings with liquid nitrogen, get a gun from Salvador's car, and kill Hector in the Greenhouse by filling it with his own poisonous sproutella gas.


Hector is very manipulative and greedy. He is shown to have a great deal of power over El Marrow, even in Year 1. When the game shifts to Year 4 later in the game it is revealed he has complete control over the city.

If someone is no longer of use to him, he won't hesitate to sprout them, as can be seen when he sprouts Don Copal after he lets Manny swipe Meche from Domino.



Performed by James K. Ward

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