Excelsior Line

"That compass in the handle will sure come in handy, too."

The Excelsior Line is a walking stick with a compass in its knob that Manny Calavera gives to one of his clients, Celso Flores. It was the only "travel package" for his four-year journey to the Ninth Underworld that Celso could qualify for. Although it is only a walking stick, Manny, being a salesman, describes it as "a beauty" to Celso, promising him a great trip. It does end up being useful during Celso's journey through the Petrified Forest, as he uses it to fend of monsters.

At the end of Year One, as Celso gives Manny his broom and leaves to find his wife, he quotes Manny's line from when he was given the Excelsior Line: "That compass in the handle will sure come in handy, too!"

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