Glottis with his fellow mechanic demons
Name Elemental
Location Land of the Dead

Elementals, typically referred to as demons, are beings that have been summoned from the Land of the Dead to serve a single purpose. The purpose they are given is the one thing that brings them happiness, and if they go for too long without fulfilling it, they become weak and deathly ill, as seen in Year Four when Glottis has to be revived by the speed of a rocket-powered cart after travelling for a year without driving. Elementals are typically much larger than normal people, have unusual colors, exaggerated strange features, and often deep voices. Possessing great skill to do their jobs, they are seen employed as servants of various establishments.

Three named elementals are seen in Grim Fandango— Glottis, a speed-loving driving and mechanic demon working in the garage of the Department of Death; Juan Brennis, summoned to work the elevators at the D.O.D. (but forced to work as a tube-switcher once motion sensors were installed); and Aitor, a drowsy cask demon working in the pantry at Maximino's High Rollers Lounge. In Year Four, a group of small mechanic demons resembling Glottis are also seen near at the temple of the Ninth Underworld, who revere Glottis as a godlike figure. They help to revive him, although they are not given names.

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