El Marrow
El marrow 1
El Marrow's street festival in Year One.
Name El Marrow
Year(s) One and Four.

El Marrow is a main location featured in Grim Fandango.


In Year One, El Marrow (Spanish for the marrow or, the bone) is a fairly large and homely city, influenced much by art-deco ideals and architecture. Only a small section of the city is avalible, one street, as the rest of the city is blocked off for the Day of the Dead parade.

The Department of Death (DoD) is situated in the city, and it is where all newly dead souls are taken after death. Underneath the city, accessed by an elaborate elevator system, is the main headquarters for the Lost Souls Alliance, one room, which opens up to a corridor to the Petrified Forest.

By Manny's return to the city in Year Four, the city has been taken over by crime lord Hector LeMans, and turned into a neon-lit gambling empire. Much of the city's sewers are accessed in this chapter, as well as Hector's casino and Bowlsley's underground florist shop. By this time, the LSA has also grown immensely, and occupies much more of the city, with a larger network of agents.