Edge of the World
Top down view of Domino's Island
Name Edge of the World
Year(s) 3


The Edge of the World is reached by the Sea of Lament hundreds of miles away from any main land. An islet is on the edge, which serves as Domino Hurley's headquarters for his coral mine. There is no escape for the slaves which he keeps there. The lost ship S.S. Lamancha is hanging by its anchor.

Domino gathers slaves by the means of a trained octopus which catches those who sink on the way from Puerto Zapato.

Role in gameEdit

Domino took Meche to the island at the beginning of Year 2 to lure Manny Calavera who would try to follow them, as he saw them board a ship from Rubacava port. Meche eventually ended up stranded on the island like everyone else until rescued by Manny a year later