Demon Raven
Hector's demon raven.
Name Demon Raven
Location Rubacava, El Marrow

Hector LeMans keeps multiple demon ravens which he uses to do his bidding. These are large feathered birds with menacing human skulls for heads. The ravens seem to be intelligent, and have the ability to impersonate human voices— near the beginning of Year Two, one fools Manny Calavera into thinking it is Meche one night in Rubacava.

In Year Four, the Gate Keeper tells Manny that "a bird with a human head", presumably one of these ravens, left a note for Manny from Hector LeMans. Later on in the year, Manny flies this note up to Bowlsley with one of the Lost Souls Alliance pigeons. A demon raven swoops down on the pigeon and eats it (when Bowlsley sees the raven with the letter, he is led to believe it was sent to him by Hector). Near the end, when Manny turns his gun on Hector, a demon raven flies in through the window, and Manny sprouts it— notably, flowers only bloom on the bird's skull, which is bone.

Another raven attacks Meche at the Nuevo Marrow train station, proving that Hector has more than one. It is unknown what becomes of the ravens once Hector LeMans himself is sprouted.