The Clown
"Looks like some sort of crafty mime."
Name The Clown
Gender Male
Location El Marrow
Occupation Balloon Twister
Year(s) 1
Voice Actor Joe Nipote
Last Seen El Marrow Carnival
"Yeah, yeah, yeah. Twist this, all right?" — The Clown, when asked for a balloon

Role in gameEdit

The Clown works as a balloon twister in a tent in the Day of the Dead carnival in El Marrow, although his bony fingers make things a little difficult. He is a surly and sarcastic character who gets easily annoyed at Manny Calavera, although he seems to take some pride in his work, claiming he can twist anything— birds, amphibians, famous poets, and more. He doesn't attempt to hide his dislike for Manny, and is makes rude comments to him often.

Manny can obtain balloon animals from him in the shape of a cat, a dingo, or Robert Frost; he uses these to scare away pigeons on the roof of the DOD building. The Clown also has an unlimited supply of "dead worms" (which are simply uninflated balloons), although he only allows Manny six at a time. These can be filled with chemicals and used to jam the DOD's mail server.


  • In the dialogue transcript of Grim Fandango Remastered, the Clown is named simply "balloon twister" (strangely lowercase).