Chowchilla Charlie
Chowchilla Charlie
Name Chowchilla Charlie
Gender Male
Location Hector's Casino, El Marrow
Occupation Petty Criminal
Year(s) 2 and 4
Voice Actor Joe Nipote
Last Seen Leaving the restroom in Hector's Casino

Chowchilla Charlie is a petty criminal and forger; having been thrown out of the High Rollers Lounge after printing fake betting stubs he comes to Calavera Café. Manny Calavera also threw him out for not having money but he insisted on coming.

Charlie claimed to have an infallible way to win slot machines.

Role in Year 2Edit

He set Manny out to find his money that Maximino stole from him after a large bet went wrong; in return he promised to fake Manny a Union Card. However when Manny got the suitcase for him, he saw that it was filled with Number Nine tickets. Charlie turned on Manny with a gun and demanded the case back; he gave Manny his Union Card and backed away.

Role in Year 4Edit

Charlie was seen again in Hector's Casino in El Marrow sitting at the slots. He loses every time until Manny gets the nearby LSA agent to rig the machine without Charlie realizing. He was seduced by Mercedes Colomar who was able to get his suit for Manny.


  • Chowchilla Charlie Is based on the character Ugarte, played by Peter Lorre in the classic film Casablanca, . The stature, demeanour and especially voice are all a undeniable impersonation of the iconic and sleazy gaming room character. Ugarte was also a man who was able to obtain almost anything, in Casablanca also documents, by an means necessary.
  • His forgeries seem to be far from perfect, as almost everyone Manny showed them to recognized them as fake.
    • When Manny showed Doug from the ticket exchange booth one of the fake betting stubs, he immediately recognized it as one of Charlie's forgeries and threatend to throw Manny out of the racetrack.
    • Velasco could also tell it was made by Charlie, and remarked that it's good that the captain of the SS Limbo is farsighted.
    • The man at the photo finish booth noticed that it looks different from the usual tickets, but Manny bluffed his way through.