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"That does it! That Calavera's getting too big for his britches. I don't like raiding businesses, and shutting them down, but someone's got to teach Manuel a lesson in law and order."

-Bogen, upon having his corrupt winning streak interrupted by Manny.

Chief-Officer Bogen
Name Bogen
Gender Male
Location Rubacava
Occupation Chief of Rubacava's Police Department
Year(s) 2
Voice Actor Barry Dennen
Last Seen Raiding Calavera Café

Role in gameEdit

Police Chief Bogen is the one man who upholds the law in Rubacava. However, he is also a crook at heart - a terrible gambler with a grudge against gambling businesses at which which he doesn't win. He also monitors the docks for trouble. He talks in a broad British accent.

Such an incident was when Terry tried to make a strike with the Sea-Bees and Bogen arrested him, yet he was fortunately released by the employs of Manny Calavera who employed Nick Virago.

Manny rigs Bogen's game at the Calavera Café causing him to lose, he then raids the cafe and shuts it down.

Trivia Edit

  • During the end of Year 2, Bogen orders the raid and shutdown of Calavera Café. In the cutscene, he orders his men (other police officers) to find Manny, while red lights (most likely from police cars) are reflected by him. This is conflicting with Manny's statement of how Bogen is the only police officer in Rubacava, further complimented by Bogen being the only man to arrest Terry. This is most likely a developer oversight.
  • It appears that Chief Bogen's uniform was originally coloured differently. Instead of the dark blue jacket, hat and trousers worn by him during the game, he can be seen in the original Grim Fandango trailer, talking to the Blue Casket revolutionary trio in El Marrow, wearing a purple hat, a purple jacket and black/grey trousers.

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