Calavera Café, Rub-A-Mat Café
Calavera cafe 1
Overview of the Calavera Café during the Year Two opening cut-scene.
Name Calavera Café, Rub-A-Mat Café
Year(s) Two

The Calavera Café, formerly the Rub-A-Mat café, is a prominent location in Grim Fandango.


The Rub-A-Mat is first encountered when Manny Calavera and Glottis arrive in Rubacava at the end of Year One. Manny discovers his old client, Celso Flores, to be the owner and sole employee of the lone automat. After Celso departs, Manny takes over his job, and by the next year, the Rub-A-Mat is converted into a thriving nightspot, re-named the Calavera Café.

The club is frequented by the rich population of Rubacava. The casino of the cafe is frequented by Police Chief Bogen and Chowchilla Charlie. The roulette tables are rigged, and run by Manny from his upstairs office. He also pays protection to crime lord Maximino. By the end of the year, the club is shut down by Bogen after Manny cancels his rigged winning streak.


  • When Rubacava is revistsed in Year Four, the Calavera Café cannot be reached, with all reachable ways cut-off. This may be due to Bogen shutting the establishment down.
  • Employees include Glottis who plays piano, Lupe the coat-check, and the Croupier who runs the roulette tables in the casino.



Calavera Café