The Bone Wagon is a customized hot rod, originally a Department of Death vehicle. The Bone Wagon was designed and customized by Glottis, who drives the car for Manny Calavera.

Year One Edit

The Bone Wagon starts out as a standard Department of Death hearse, used to take travel agents/reapers to the Land of the Living to reap human souls. Glottis first cuts a hole in the roof of the vehicle, so he can fit inside and drive the car. After picking up Bruno Martinez from the land of the living, Glottis picks up parts from the junkyard to customize the Bone Wagon into a scooped-out, chopped, law-riding hot rod, with flame designs and capable of high speeds. The improved Bone Wagon runs Domino Hurley off the road and allows Manny Calavera to reach and reap Meche Colomar first. Glottis is shortly fired by the D.O.D for illegally modifying a company car. The Bone Wagon and Glottis are encountered again in the Petrified Forest, after Manny escapes El Marrow, Glottis drives the Bone Wagon for Manny and adds the pumps from a tree that was being drained of marrow to add in shock absorbers that let the Bone Wagon rise up and over obstacles. Glottis drives the Bone Wagon to Rubacava, after leaving the Petrified Forest, where he meets Velasco, who is impressed by the Bone Wagon and offers up a place to store it.

Year Two Edit

The Bone Wagon remains in storage during this portion of the game. It is mentioned that Glottis gets to drive the Bone Wagon around the cat-racing tracks when they aren't in use. Glottis and Manny leave the Bone Wagon behind when they leave town on the S.S. Limbo, being unable to take it with them.

Year Four Edit

During Year Four, the Bone Wagon is recovered in Rubacava, after Manny manages to disarm an elaborate trap set by Domino when he was in Rubacava after Manny had departed. The Bone Wagon is used to return to El Marrow as well. Manny and Glottis use the Bone Wagon to explore the sewer, where they find a giant crocodile monster and manage to pin down its tail by lowering the vehicle on it.