Bibi Peligiano
Name Bibi Peligiano
Gender Female
Location Edge of the World
Occupation Slave
Year(s) 3
Voice Actor Katie Leigh
Last Seen Boarding the Number Nine

Bibi Peligiano and her brother Pugsy are two angelitos; child souls in the Land of the Dead. Angelitos have wings to overcome the disadvantage of being children whilst making the four-year journey of the soul. Bibi wears a blue hat while Pugsy a brown one. Manny Calavera first encounters them on the Day of the Dead in Year 3.

Role in GameEdit

Bibi and Pugsy both had tickets for the Number Nine that were stolen by Hector LeMans. They were kept as slaves at the Edge of the World but were put in a cage by Domino Hurley for biting. In the cage, they are forced to make light bulbs from luminous coral. Only their tools are small and delicate enough to make the light bulbs.

During their stay they were befriended by Meche Colomar. She became a maternal figure to Bibi and Pugsy whilst they were imprisoned. When reminded of their parents, both Bibi and Pugsy were prone to start crying.

Manny orchestrated an escape from the Edge of the World for both himself and the slaves, including Bibi and Pugsy. The two angelitos followed him to the gates of the Ninth Underworld where they were eventually reunited with their tickets and allowed to board the Number Nine.