Aitor sleeping on the job.
Name Aitor
Gender Male
Location High Rollers Lounge, Rubacava
Occupation Barrel-roller
Year(s) Two
Voice Actor David Jeremiah
Last Seen Working in the High Rollers Lounge

Aitor is an elemental demon who works in the kitchen of the High Rollers Lounge. He is large, green, and muscular, with tattoos, and he speaks in a deep, gravelly voice. His job involves moving barrels to and from the wine cellar, aided by his strength. He is seen dozing off on the job, only waking up when Manuel "Manny" Calavera tries to talk to him or use the elevator. He seems to have a fixation on hitting people, as he repeatedly misinterprets Manny's request for him to "take him down" in the elevator. He also expresses disappointment over not being allowed to hit customers "anymore", indicating that this has been a problem in the past.